Nreal Opens New Optics Factory with Production Capacity of One Million Units by 2020 in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China

Nreal, a company innovating ready-to-wear mixed reality glasses and 3D system Nebula, is announcing the opening of its new state-of-the-art R&D facility and optical facility, capable of producing up to one million devices by 2020 in the Wuxi National High-Tech District (WND) of Wuxi, China. Nreal also announces its commitment to invest more than USD $200 million over the next seven years into scaling its operations in the city.

Signing ceremony in Wuxi

On the back of advancements in carrier relations with Nreal partners Deutsche Telekom, KDDI, and LGUplus, among others, along with the production of Nreal Light resuming following the epidemic, the new factory in Wuxi enables Nreal to scale up its production of critical optical components ahead of the impending consumer sale and availability of Nreal Light.

Increasing Quality Supply to Meet Demand for Optics & Nreal Light

Expanding its manufacturing to an in-house factory for producing optical displays enables Nreal to gain more control over its upstream and downstream supply chain. At the same time, Nreal is able to be flexible to sudden or unexpected changes, while offering the highest degree of quality control management. This ensures that all devices that ship to Nreal customers offer a consistently brilliant HD display, which are now synonymous with Nreal Light's trademark immersive MR environment.

Nreal Light

In the first phase of its production plan, Nreal will manufacture optical components in its new 64,500 square feet facility, and scale up its production capacity to one million display components by the end of 2020. This offers certain advantages including the ability to lower costs and ultimately enable Nreal to offer even more affordable consumer MR glasses with future generations of the product.

In the second phase of growth, Nreal will move to a new R&D center and expand its production floor to 215,000 square feet. As a critical function of Nreal's growth, the R&D facility will house up to 600 employees that will conduct advanced research and development for future optical technologies, such as waveguide, accelerating its goal to become a key component leader and supplier for AR optics globally.

Factory Concept Drawing

"Our display and image quality is a point of pride for Nreal and one of the more prominent features praised by developers and users of Nreal Light today," said Bing Xiao, cofounder of Nreal and Chief Optical Scientist. "Today is a key milestone for us because opening a new optics factory in a city like Wuxi, China enables us to flexibly scale our production capacity and personally oversee the production of this key component. This means that we're not only able to meet the compounding demand for the highest quality displays when we ship Nreal Light, but we're also even considering expanding the demand to prospective partners interested in this technology."

Scaling with Key Carrier Partners in 5G Roll Out

With the race to deploy 5G around the world heating up, selecting the city of Wuxi also offers an unprecedented opportunity for a mixed reality company like Nreal.

A traditionally technologically forward-thinking city, Wuxi offers a strong foundation for 5G networks. The city was the first in China to fully demonstrate a city-wide wireless sensor network, is working to promote the integration of 5G technology into its citizen's daily lives, while looking to introduce innovative platforms for 5G applications.

To Nreal's advantage, operating its factory and R&D facility out of Wuxi enables Nreal to leverage the city as a launch pad to rapid test and deploy much-needed applications for 5G, in parallel with carrier partners launching their 5G network and committing to commercializing mixed reality glasses like Nreal Light.

In fact, as carriers are rolling out their 5G networks, and rapidly amplifying their MR content strategy, Nreal's expansion of its production capacity and recent partnerships are also designed to meet the demand of carriers.

Nreal earlier this month announced its partnership with Deutsche Telekom to make Nreal Light available to the mass market. Nreal also launched a customized version of Nreal Light for China Unicom just last week to kick off the "N Plan," a nationwide search by the carrier for MR developers to submit and build applications exclusive to Nreal Light.

Claudia Nemat, Board member for Technology and Innovation at Deutsche Telekom, presents Nreal Light at "Magenta Tech Talk”

KDDI, in conjunction with the official launch of its 5G network in Japan, struck a deal this week to further expand its partnership with Nreal following a collaboration to demonstrate Nreal Light in its KDDI au retail stores.

au 5G launching ceremony on 23/03/2020

About Nreal

Nreal is a fast-growing mixed reality company ushering the next generation user interactions with hardware and software solutions that merge the physical with the digital world. Nreal innovated mixed reality experience with its flagship product Nreal Light, accompanied by Nreal's self-developed 3D system Nebula. Fueled by a mission to make MR accessible for everyone, encompassing both consumers and enterprise customers, Nreal's products include the Nreal Light Consumer Kit and the Nreal Light Enterprise Edition. Nreal is supported by global partnerships with the world’s leading 5G companies in US, Europe, Korea, Japan and China and available for demos in LGU+ and KDDI retail stores.

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